Glinert Chidekel is a full-service transactional law firm focused primarily on Digital Media, Entertainment, Technology, and Finance. We represent a range of clients, from early-stage startups and emerging growth businesses to larger operating enterprises and investors.


Glinert Chidekel is rooted in entrepreneurship and knows first-hand the difficulties our clients face to find success in competitive markets and industries. We provide clients with a unique mix of high quality concierge level legal support and engagement, innovative and adaptive legal services, and critical counsel, through a goals-based approach that continuously adapts to our clients’ business ventures as their needs grow and evolve.


Those who desire to succeed in today’s Web3 and blockchain obsessed business environment, must maximize the opportunities, and overcome the challenges caused by rapidly changing technology. We’ve been through the inception and fall of digital file sharing and P2P networking in Web1, and the rise of large streaming platforms controlling distribution and payment of digital content during Web2. We are now only seeing the tip of the iceberg of Web3 and its decentralized exploitation of content and use of AR, MR, and VR technologies. It is our job to ensure that our clients clearly understand the legal precedents and professional rules that are evolving as Web3 becomes the norm and the lines between physical and virtual reality become even more difficult to distinguish. We understand, and we’re here to help.

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