Digital Media, Entertainment & Sports

The legacy of GCB follows the trajectory of the entertainment industry from analogue to digital. Having worked closely with many of the key creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs who were primarily responsible for the disruption that facilitated this monumental transformation, the lawyers at GCB help our entertainment clients navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by rapidly changing technology. From the early adoption of P2P file sharing and digital downloads (Web1) through the control of digital distribution and payments by large streaming platforms (Web2), we have been there to help clients leverage exceptional content, new technologies, and proper financing to provide a competitive business advantage. Now with the rapidly growing convergence of physical and digital content displayed in decentralized AR, MR and VR environments (Web3), GCB is uniquely positioned to provide our clients with high-level legal advice and business consulting services designed to help further their business objectives.

Digital media, entertainment, and sports is in our DNA.


  • Music
  • Film/TV
  • Digital Marketing, Digital Advertising, and Brand Integration
  • Live Entertainment and Events (including music, sports, and trade conferences)
  • Gaming
  • Merchandising, Endorsements and Influencers
  • Comedy
  • Sports
  • Literary Publishing (including books, comic books, and graphic novels)


  • Major and independent record labels, distribution companies, music publishers, managers, executives, producers, artists, musicians, writers, and composers
  • Film and TV producers, directors, documentary film makers, and actors (including finance and production counsel services)
  • Authors (including books, comic books, and graphic novels), journalists, political pundits, and television commentators
  • Podcast hosts
  • Entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors
  • Athletes (including professional, action, and e-sports) and sports marketing companies
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